A take on the Democratic field


There is one thing that none of us can change, and that is “father time.” 

All of us grow older, and as our bodies age, so do our brains. 

Smart people are not as sharp as they once were, and it requires more time to pull up important information.  Names become more difficult to remember, and going to the doctor becomes a routine. 

But try as we might, “father time” takes his toll, and soon those days where we could stay out all night and work the next day are distant memories.

Joe Biden is one of over twenty Democrats vying for the presidency. 

He is nearly 77-years old, and to be charitable, “father time” has not been good to him. 

When Joe opened his campaign last week, he opened it in front of 86 people.

The number of kinfolks who   attended, I have no clue, but the 86 who showed up were not that enthusiastic. 

Joe mumbled his lines, and when he spoke off the cuff, he uttered nonsense. 

He, also, flip-flopped on an issue he had championed ever since he came to the Senate; who pays for abortions? 

He now thinks that the federal government should pay for abortions.

After declaring that China was not a threat to this country, he now believes that it is a real threat and must be deal with aggressively. 

He doesn’t say how his plan would differ from President Trump’s plan that has already put the Chinese on notice that their behavior must change.  He does think that “diplomacy” is the answer although for the past 50-years, “diplomacy” has not worked.

Immigration and the consequences of mass migration from South America is not on his radar. 

He now believes in the “open borders” concept that allows anyone to cross our southern border and enter the United States.

We know Joe Biden. 

He has a long and not-too-distinguished record in the U. S. Senate. 

He is a northeastern liberal who is being influenced to move even further to the left.

We know that he is not an original thinker.

He will pilfer the works of other people and claim them for his own - which makes no sense to me. 

But let’s face it. 

He looks old, he moves like an old man, and something is wrong with his mental status. 

“Old Joe” is not the man he used to be, and that is why I believe that he will never get the Democrat nomination for president. 

The Democratic Party is undergoing a seismic shift to the left, and the young socialists who are beginning to control this party will never allow someone his age and obvious lack of enthusiasm for all things socialist to represent the party.

Elizabeth “Pocohontas” Warren has been climbing in the polls. 

She is a far-left northeastern politician who is seventy years old.  She has energy, but will her platform fly in Texas?  I doubt it. 

She’s too old, too radical, and too out of touch with mainstream America to be a serious contender.

If she is nominated, Mr. Trump will be preparing for his second inauguration.  “Crazy” Bernie is a joke. Few Americans want a communist as president. 

The Democrats simply cannot afford to nominate the “Crazy” one.

Someone, however, will emerge from the pack to get the Democratic nomination. 

As strange as it seems, it may be the gay mayor of Indianapolis, Mayor Pete, who is out in the country ringing all of the far-left bells for young Democrats. 

But for the life of me, I can’t see Mayor Pete and his husband living in the White House with the ghosts of Andrew Jackson, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump. 

Perhaps “father time” has caught up with me.


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