Voices from our future: The fear


Editor’s Note: Voices From Our Future is a new column open to any school-age youth in Sunflower County who would like to express themselves and their opinions in The E-T.

Everyday people are showing some type of fear: of people with guns, having their belongings stolen and now it is the Coronavirus!

I think we should be afraid of getting sick from a germ that we contract from a person who is infected.  Based on what I read and heard a person may have the virus at least three days before they know they have it and by that time they are really ill.  How many people would they have come into contact with by that time?

I went to the dentist and my thoughts were – what if someone in the dentist’s office has the virus and does not know it. 

That means when I leave the dentist’s office I may be sick.  So I was surely scared.  It is times like these that make you want to stay at home and certainly stay away from people.   But that is almost impossible. 

So here is what I think you can do.  Be careful of hugging people, shaking hands, allowing people to use your stuff.  Keep disinfectant with you and use it all of the time.   Wash your hands frequently.

I hear my Great Grandmother say we are being faced with a lot of pestilence which is mentioned in the Bible.  Whatever it is people are frightened! 

And the Coronavirus is a serious problem.


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