Voices from our future: Festival showed Indianola’s potential


Editor’s Note: Voices From Our Future is a new column open to any school age youth in Sunflower County who would like to express themselves and their opinions in The E-T.

I am a young student at Merritt Middle School. 

I have lived in Indianola my entire life. 

I love it here: my school, my church, my community and my Great grandmother Leunice!  

I read the local paper sometimes, but it seems that all the news is geared toward adults unless it is about our band, school sports or accomplishments. 

So I thought I’d focus on young people’s views, because we do not all play an instrument in band, cheerlead or sing in the choir.

Please do not misunderstand; these are my fellow classmates and deserve to be recognized for their hard work.  But the readers need to hear from the young citizens of this community.

I am president of the Young Steppers and a few weeks ago on September 28, 2019 to be exact, I had the opportunity to attend the annual Indian Bayou Festival and I really enjoyed myself! 

There were all types of food: beignets, (I had to look this up), food tents.  There were also other vendors selling a variety of things such as jelly and jam in jars, jewelry, artifacts.

Then there was singing, (of course personally I do not sing well, but I know what sounds good) and it was my favorite spot. The B.B. King All Stars sang gospel to jazz, with some blues, you name it!  There was even the singing the top hits of the late Aretha Franklin “Respect” plus an Elvis Presley impersonator (before my time!)

It was really fun for the kids especially with the Arts and Crafts. 

The BB King Freedom Project was so nice giving back to the children by letting them ride, painting their own version of the guitar, their view of a pumpkin. 

I had the opportunity to see Lil Miss Sunflower County, the firefighters, their trucks and our very own Mayor, Steve Rosenthal and his awesome wife Robin Rosenthal, (who teaches me to sew at NOLA’s).

When I was there I saw peace. 

No arguing, no fighting, everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves just like I did.  Festivals are for family and friends!  Wouldn’t you think?!!


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