Voices from our future: This happened for a reason


Editor’s Note: Voices From Our Future is a new column open to any school-age youth in Sunflower County who would like to express themselves and their opinions in The E-T.

This past Saturday The Steppers were invited to perform before the State Democratic Party in Jackson, Mississippi by Mr. David Rushing.  I believe this may have been the first.  Later we went to the movies to see Harriet.  The performance and the movie reminded me of Black History. 

Black History is important because it tells me where I came from and why I am here, and how I made it this far.  For example, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. marched for our equal rights and even though people didn’t like it, he kept on marching.   Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat because she did not believe she should have to move because of her race.  She went to jail for doing what she believed in.  Fannie Lou Hamer is one of my favorites because she inspired people to get out and vote to make a change.  I think Mrs. Hamer and Harriet were a lot alike!

There are so many people we have to thank for helping us to think.  First and foremost we must think before we act, because if we do not a lot of people will hurt and will not benefit.  Then we must give thought to the fact we do not live in a time that Nina Simone sings about in her song “Strange Fruit.”

I do not understand politics but I was pleased to stand before men and women from all over the state and sing “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn me ‘round!”  We’ve come a long ways and because of Harriet and Mrs Hamer, I can speak up.


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