Letter to the editor

Dear Editor Davis,

The spring edition of Journey this week was so much fun to read and once again here’s proof that we produce so much more in Sunflower County than just crops.

Of course, my favorite story and the first one I read was about Brittany MacNealy-Gonzales. Being family I know that story well.

I do have a little more to add. I noticed several of the other features mentioned family giving the reader a connection and certainly making the family even more proud.

My addition is the mother who escaped the hurricane on the last plane out with Brittany and RJ was Duncan MacNealy.

The brother in the National Guard who assisted with the recovery work was Beau.

A great number of readers I’m sure made the connection but for those who didn’t. And, honestly, the most important part of the story is they all stayed safe, especially Robert who stayed behind. And, while I’m adding names, I should include Brittany’s dad is Col. Bradly MacNealy and her grandmother is Georgia Ann McPherson.


A Proud plus Grateful Aunt, Janet Webb



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