Letter: To the Citizens of Indianola

Letter to the Citizens of Indianola,


I would first like to apologize if in any way  I embarrassed or put a negative light on this great city or on the people that live here.

 Growing up my father and grandfather would say “tikkun olam”   (Hebrew for “world repair”) this mind set connects human responsibility for fixing what is wrong with the world.   John F. Kennedy had his own version “Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country”.  

Indianola has prospered because of our many people who have had that same mindset.  I think of the 300 plus volunteers who came together on a rainy Saturday to build the Bethune Center playground, this included all sectors of Indianola. 

This project included Aldermen/Alderwomen and their family members but today some members of our City Board would see this as a conflict. 

The members of the Sunflower County Humane Society donate tens of thousands of dollars to the  Hough/Dement  Animal Shelter not including the thousands of volunteer hours that they put in per year.  The fact that one of the volunteers is a family member of an Alderman, per the Attorney General’s office, is not a conflict.  

The Attorney General’s office was called in to look into Robin’s (Rosenthal) volunteering, they asked a few questions and saw no reason to open a case. 

The State Auditor’s Office came and looked at the purchases made at Wal-Mart and found no improper purchases and gave only one recommendation, “That all purchases be made by a W-2 employee only.“ 

There is no investigation, other than in one alderman’s mind.  The auditor thought it was funny that on the day that he came to look, Robin was on a 12-foot ladder installing a 16-foot Christmas tree in City Hall that had been donated to her by First United Methodist Church. 

Most of the lights and decorations were from her personal collection from New Orleans.  

My fear is that all of the wonderful people of Indianola who donate time and money to so many of the worthwhile projects in and around Indianola will hold back for fear of being chastised, ridiculed and embarrassed for doing  great things out of the love in their hearts for Indianola.

I have spoken to the Attorney General’s Office about the physical threat that happened at the City Board Meeting of March 25.

They have viewed the video and listened to the tape and have recommended that I file charges since a threat against an elected official is looked into with more intensity, especially with a history of previous violence. 

For the benefit of Indianola, I see no positive outcome for Indianola if I were to prosecute so I have chosen not to pursue charges. The AG’s Office can pursue its own investigation, since it is all on video.    I hope that all the people of Indianola will continue to work together to make our home the best place in the Delta and the state. We cannot allow the negativity of a few people slow down our progress.



I hope to be able to announce three different “$1 million-plus” projects to come to Indianola in the next few months, so be on the lookout.


Mayor Steve Rosenthal


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