Letter: It’s time to clean up Indianola and Slam Dunk the Junk

Dear Editor,

I have lived my entire life in Indianola and have always been very proud of my hometown; however, in the past year I have become acutely aware of the trash that is in the streets, parks and on the side of the road in residential areas as well as business areas.

Several months ago the Indianola Chamber Main Street formed a committee that is working on attacking this problem. This campaign is going to be about "Quality of Life" and our first focus is litter.

The Chamber has named our litter campaign "SLAM DUNK THE JUNK." The solution is Awareness and Education of everyone living in Indianola to do TWO things. ONE, do NOT throw trash out of your car. Keep it and put it in a garbage can when you stop the car. TWO, pick up litter that is in front of your house or litter you pass walking in the business part of town and put it in a trash can.

These two things are not hard to do and I urge you to start doing this NOW!

By your actions, you are telling others that you care for this town and want to make it attractive to all guests that visit Indianola.

Last Wednesday Chamber Main Street hosted two seminars at the Capps Center with Ole Miss landscaper, Jeff McManus, leading the groups. There were over 170 people at these two meetings.

Everyone at the meetings loves our hometown and wants to make it the prettiest and cleanest town in Mississippi.

The Chamber committee is going to have a year-long campaign with monthly projects that will keep this issue in front of all citizens of Indianola.

The Chamber needs the help of ALL citizens to make this work for Indianola. The Chamber needs volunteers and volunteer groups to help with this campaign. If you are interested and want to help, please call the Chamber at 887-4454. Remember, if YOU do not care about how your town looks, then no one else in Indianola will care either.

Start today helping Indianola become the cleanest town in Mississippi. More details will follow in the weeks to come. Start doing your part today!

Walton Gresham


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