Letter: Mayor “embarassed” over aldermen’s actions

Dear Editor and Indianola citizens,

I am deeply saddened by the events that took place at Monday Night’s City Board meeting.   The action of two aldermen made me the most disconcerted and embarrassed that I have ever been for the City of Indianola.   Elected officials, hollering and screaming, jumping up and down, verbally attacking, insulting,  and contradicting themselves was more than I could take from Aldermen Elder & Brock.  The final straw was when Alderman Elder jumped up and pointed a finger at Alderman Fratesi calling him a “JACK__”., then at Alderman Simpson calling him a “JACK__”., and then at myself, calling me a  “JACK__”.    I had already endured Elder’s personal attacks calling me a racist since I vetoed his motion to hire an assistant city clerk.  We currently have three full time employees (assistants) doing work that all other City Clerks had been able to complete themselves.  I have never made any decision based on race but on abilities and the “quality of the person’s character,” long before Dr. Martin Luther King coined that phrase.  Alderman Brock accused me of doing more work on the north side rather than the south side.   Alderman Brock sees the public works report every month and he knows that is a FALSE statement.   He said that I only do the ones I want.  I have never set public works schedule, but as per my job description, I do follow up on the completion of the tasks.   Mr. Spurlock, as did Mr. Strong, prioritizes repairs based on the severity of the problem not based on whom or where a person lives.   Seventy – Five percent of public works repairs are on the South side, not because of the residents, but because of the poor condition, quality of construction, and lack of maintenance in that section.    Failing, hundred-year-old infrastructure plagues the entire city, but much on the north side was built to a higher standard.   Most of the older Southside has streets with ditches not curbs, ¾ inch water line as mains rather than 6” or 8”  mains, sewer and drainage systems that are near capacity.

We must realize that Indianola of today is different than in years past.  We are a truly blended community with most of our citizens working together, living together, socializing together, and understanding that we cannot change the past but are willing to work together toward a better future.  These citizens want leaders working to fix problems not to block progress for their own political aspirations.  They want solutions to real problems such as failing water and sewer systems, a city full of streets in disrepair due to a board who would rather argue over who recommended possible solutions or purchasing recommended needed equipment. 

All is not gloom and doom , we have had a number of great announcements over the last 12 months, we as elected officials can come together if we focus on the one  real reason we were elected;  TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR “ALL”  OF THE CITIZENS OF OUR CITY AND NOT JUST FOR ANY ONE GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL.

Mayor Steve Rosenthal


They are the perfect definition of a work in progress.

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