Letter: Time For Leaders to Step Up and Support Schools

Dear Editor:


This is the time for all Gentry Rams and Sunflower County School graduates that have achieved fame and success to come to the aid of the school system. We also extend an invitation to the retired teachers, administrators and others who have knowledge and have been employed in this system to come to the aid of this troubled system.

Our Sunflower County School Board is trying their best to manage, but they are not familiar with the requirements. In order to have a good school system, it is essential to have leaders in top positions starting with the school board. The board must hire a competent superintendent that is compatible to the system. This board hires people that have been fired from other systems because they are incompetent. They select principals who are unable to manage the building; as a result, this causes chaos for the teachers. Teachers are not able to control their classes because they get no support from the principal’s office. Students should get their behavior training at home. Teachers are to teach subject matters. We have retired superintendents, lawyers, principals, counselors and successful retired teachers. Some of these people should be on our school board. They know what is required.

It has been reported that a school bus driver for the Sunflower County Schools drives his Sunflower County bus home to Shelby every day. This is the second year he has driven it there.

I think a strong PTA would serve this district well. If this system was structured properly, there would be no need for people to pay expensive private school bills for our children to get a good education in a safe environment. We should do this for our community.

The principal at Drew High School should be the superintendent for our school system. She has the moral character, the qualifications and the leadership skills to be firm and fair. She believes in school structure and discipline. She is firm and fair to students and teachers but demands quality results. We have enough talent in the system and we have the resources. We need leadership from the very top. We need to shuffle the deck – we have the cards in the deck but they are held on the bottom.

Train the head of our school system regarding the state laws and what their options are. I do not believe we are required to keep students that will not obey. School is a privilege. If you do not conform to the requirements, it is not a right. We have permission to drive a car with state license, but you cannot drive drunk or disrespect the rules. School should be the same.

We have the talent. We only need to put the right people in leadership and give them the support. With our present system we are wasting money, time, talent and opportunities.


Dorsey White



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