Knowing what I know about Heaven


This song written by country music star Sarah Darling has to be one of the favorites for Christians. I know that it is one of mine and I love to hear it sung by Darling and Guy Penrod. It is truly inspirational and a real comfort to someone who has lost a loved one. It speaks about losing someone from this earthly life as we know it and going home to be with Jesus.

When Darling wrote the song it was in memory of her grandfather who was a tremendous influence on her life. There are many of us who have lost people around us that influenced us in many ways. Losing parents is extremely hard for most of us and the grief will never go away. Losing loved ones such as brothers, sisters, children, extended family members, and friends is hard and the hurt never seems to fade but Darling captures the essence of death in her song. For all of us that are Christian we know our home is not on this earth but in Heaven where we will be with Jesus forever and ever.

Read some of the words that Darling penned in her song and you can imagine what is happening as Jesus welcomes a new soul into Heaven.

“I bet the trumpets played and the angels sang, every sweet refrain of Amazing Grace;

And that Heaven’s hands opened up the gate and the children danced when they saw your face;

As happy as they were to see you coming, I was just as sad to have to watch you go, oh but

Knowing what I know about Heaven, believing that you’re all the way home;

Knowing that you’re somewhere better is all I need to let you go.”

I could hope that I could pray you back, but why on earth would I do that,

When you're somewhere life and love never ends, oh, knowing what I know about heaven,

Where every single voice makes a joyful noise, how sweet the sound when the saints rejoice

To every broken heart and every wounded soul, new life begins on streets of gold;

But every tear that's raining here from my eyes, I know the sun is shining where you are.”

This song has spoken volumes to me and I feel that it will to you also. Listen to it and let it sink in that our life on earth is short and when we are called home by the Lord Jesus that we will be reunited with our loved ones that have gone home before us. It is alright to grieve and express our sorrow when someone we love goes to be with Jesus but let’s also remember the greater rewards they have gone on to.



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