A few thank yous to those who prepared me for this


Good Mornin’! Good Mornin’!

You know, all I ever needed to know about fighting coronavirus and surviving the quarantine, I learned at an early age.

Washing my hands and practicing hygiene were ingrained early by parents and teachers at school. But it’s much, much more than that.

I paid close attention to Mrs. Phillips and her red beans and rice and even asked her for the recipe in a phone call. Now there’s a gallon or more in my fridge. Hanging out at Cordy Brake Hunting Club put me in the vicinity of many awesome tailgate spreads by Mr. Bill Bennett.

My fridge drawer is full of different cheeses, salami and smoked turkey and even some Braunschweiger might bring a smile to his face and my dad’s of having done a good job of teaching. The pantry has a supply of crackers and dried beans and canned vegetables as well. 

Growing up on the farm with several freezers, my father put in my DNA that my freezer should always be overflowing with a wealth of leftovers and meat bagged and wrapped by hand. Those hours spent at the hunting club cutting up cows in my youth has come in handy though I’ll never be able to wrap anything up in freezer paper near as good as Mr. Brown.

Cleaning supplies were on hand and more were bought when the virus insanity hit. My momma taught me how to clean and living with many different roommates during college and my single years prepared me on how to clean a lot of different things. Being in Boy Scouts taught me how to survive and thrive, so thanks to Doug Russell for mentoring us all in Moorhead Troop 47. I have basic First Aid skills and can cook on a campfire and have the tools needed to use either. And yes, I can “skin a buck and run a trotline” so this country boy can survive whatever this quarantine throws.

Except maybe for the very long extended family time.

Now don’t get me wrong I love each and every one of them but it’s like that ol’ Jerry Clower Coon Hunting story with John Eubanks, “a great American and professional tree climber who gave everything a sporting chance.” Eubanks climbs a tree and finds a Lynx and not a coon. He shouts down to the hunting crew, “shoot up in here amongst us. One of us got to have some relief.”

I never wondered why my dad spent so much time in the woods, time at the “dump” fishing and all those hours spent at the parts house and co-op.

But now I know - family relief. Happy quarantine to all y’all and let’s get back to the parts house soon!


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