Coming home: Aspiring surgeon Simpson to teach science at Ruleville


Remember the name Stephon Simpson.

The 2012 Gentry High School Graduate and 2018 Bachelor’s of Science recipient from Mississippi Valley State University is about to embark on a new career in education that he hopes will be the bridge to an even longer career in medicine.

The son of Willie Simpson and Stephanie McDaniel, both of Indianola, has been hired to teach Foundations of Biology and Zoology for the remainder of the school year at Ruleville Central High School.

A Biology major and Chemistry minor, Simpson hopes to continue down the path of secondary education for at least another year while he prepares to take the Medical College Admissions Test.

“Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had a passion to become a doctor,” Simpson said. “This dream started when I was 3 years old.”

Simpson said that as a child, he would catch himself scribbling notes, just as a doctor would while diagnosing a patient or writing a prescription.

Over the years, that desire only grew as he excelled at science from elementary all the way through high school.

After graduating from Gentry, Simpson attended Mississippi Delta Community College, where he received his Associate of Arts in General Education.

Ironically, his desire to teach, he says, did not originate in the science labs of Gentry High School.

It came, however, from his eleventh grade U.S. History teacher, Lisa Boatwright.

U.S. History is a subject area class, which means there is a state test attached, which if not passed at the time, could have kept a student from graduating.

“She was very firm, and that’s what I needed,” Simpson said. “I needed a teacher who was going to be serious with the students and give the students what they needed…We worked bell-to-bell. The bell didn’t dismiss you…She was one of those teachers that if you didn’t work for it, you didn’t get it, as far as grades were concerned.”

Simpson’s natural love for science, combined with the drive to educate students in his home county has led him back to Sunflower County Consolidated School District, at least for the time being.

Simpson is hoping that in the next couple of years, after passing the MCAT exam, he will get a seat at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where he plans to pursue a career in medicine as a general surgeon.

Simpson said that he has never wavered from his desire to enter medicine over the years, but only recently did he decide to pursue general surgery.

“As a general surgeon, I won’t be sticking with one case,” he said. “I will be dealing with (multiple cases). I don’t want to get bored. I know general surgeons do a plethora of cases.”

In the meantime, the biology and zoology students at RCHS are in his hands, and he hopes to not only lay the foundation for their success in science for the rest of high school, but for college as well.



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