Women of Influence: Delta Grace's Veronica Pritchard

Aside from pastoring two churches in Sunflower County (Sunflower United Methodist and Moorhead United Methodist), Veronica Pritchard serves as executive director of Delta Grace.

Delta Grace is a not-for-profit, multi-denominational, faith-based organization that matches mission teams with those in need of home repairs.

Mission teams work on homes of many who have lost hope and do not know what tomorrow brings. As participants in Delta Grace, volunteers become that hope as they spend time with those in need and walk with them on their journey to experience God’s Grace.

The work is done at little or no financial cost to the homeowner.

1. How did you come to live in Sunflower County?

I do not live in Sunflower County but I serve in Sunflower County as pastor at Moorhead United Methodist Church and Sunflower United Methodist Church and as executive director of Delta Grace. 

2. Who are your biggest female influences?

My biggest female influences are Dorothy Johnson, my mother, and Shirley Jacocks.  Both of these wonderful ladies passed away in the past two years. 

My mother taught me that you can either be a victim of life or be victorious in life.  Having had 14 children, she and my father struggled most of their lives to make ends meet.  However, she counted her blessings every day.   Instead of focusing on the negative, she looked for the good.  She set an example by enjoying life, her family and her friends, to the fullest.

Shirley Jacocks was our oldest daughter’s kindergarten teacher.  She loved the Lord and shared His love with everyone she met.  She was the one that encouraged me to following my call to become a pastor. In everything she did, she gloried God. 

3. What would you describe as your biggest accomplishment so far in life?

My biggest accomplishment in life was accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior and seeking to follow His will every day.

4. What is the best piece of advice you can give young women looking to become leaders in their communities?

The best piece of advice I would give a young woman looking to become a leader in their community is to follow your call. 

God calls each of us to be good stewards of His creation.  When He calls you,

He will equip you. 

Do not get caught up in your preferences or even other people’s preferences.  Remember, everyone has an opinion. 

Instead of following preferences, follow the convictions that God places upon your heart and seek His guidance to fulfill those convictions.

5. What is the biggest lesson you have learned about leadership?

I once read a quote that said, “If you are leading and no one is following, then you are just taking a walk.” 

A good leader seeks to find the gifts that each person brings to the group.  Sharing the load by enabling others to use their gifts will bring success to all.

6. If you could play any role in a movie, what would it be?

I would like to play the role of the young woman that played “Veronica” in The Passion of The Christ by Mel Gibson.  She was the one that wiped the face of Jesus as He carried the cross to Calvary. 

I would want to be the one offering Christ comfort in His time of need and also the one that continued to carry His image for others to see.

7. A little family information

My husband, David and I will be married 40 years in October. 

He owns his own remodeling business and also serves as the construction manager for Delta Grace. 

Both of our daughters live in Shreveport, La.

Our oldest daughter, Kathrine is a biochemistry professor at Centenary College and her husband, Dallas, owns O.F.F. Limits Paintball. 

They have two children, David, age 9 and Emma, age 6. 

Our youngest daughter, Melissa is a youth director at the Grace Community UMC and her husband, Jeremy is a movie producer. 

They have two children, Daniel, age 13 and Julia, age 11.  We also have a dog named Allis.


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