County may need to restore power to its generator inventory


The county’s ability to respond quickly and adequately to power outages depends heavily on its inventory of generators.

Sunflower County Emergency Management Director Denny Evans gave a report to the Sunflower County Board of Supervisors this week about what the county and its municipalities have at their disposal in case there is an emergency. 

The apparatuses have been a topic of concern since violent storms earlier in the year knocked out power in several municipalities leaving the citizens without access to electricity or water and county workers scrambling to find enough generators to restore services.

According to Evans, the cities of Indianola and Ruleville have trailer-mounted units as does Inverness, which also has a stationary generator to power its main water well.

“The question is, is that adequate?” Evans said.

He said the answer depends on what you’re trying to power and what is without power.

Evans said the town of Drew does have a generator to power its water well; however, “It’s old as the hills, it requires a lot of maintenance and most of time when you need it, it doesn’t work, so for planning and practical purposes I would say they don’t have one.”

He estimated that the county needs four to five multi-phase generators in order to run municipal water wells to cover the county in the event of an outage. Evans told the members that it could cost $40,000 to $50,000 per piece of equipment. A discussion ensued and options were discussed including the possibilities of acquiring federal grants and each municipality applying for its own funding.

President Riley Rice suggested that the leaders of the municipalities get with Evans so he can assist them through the application process.


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