Williams named SCCSD Parent of the Year


Each year the Sunflower County Consolidated School District sets out to honor parents at the individual schools and district-wide who closely exemplify the qualities of an ideal parent and work to bridge the gap between home and school.

This year, Moorhead Central School parent Annette Williams received a double honor; not only was she named parent of the year for her daughter’s school, but Williams also received the coveted title of Parent of the Year for the entire SCCSD.

She was nominated by her daughter's third grade teacher, Monique Cocroft-White and Williams chuckled a little as she recalled that White didn't just ask her if she could present her information, but basically told her that she was going to submit her name.

William said she was reluctant at first because she didn't feel as though she was doing anything spectacular, she was only doing what she felt like was best for her daughter and to help the teachers. "And she (Cocroft-White) was like we appreciate you and I need you to do this," Williams said, "I turned my application in at the very last minute because she would not take no for an answer."

The district announced the decision several days ago and Williams said that when Ms. Cox, the parent-liaison for Moorhead Central, informed her that she had won the dual honor all she could do was laugh because she could not believe it.

The modest mom said she never considered what she does as being so outstanding, but was advised that what she does helps out a lot. Williams said, "I think that what I do, every parent should do because it makes the teacher's job easier."

Williams said her daughter, third-grader Amber Williams-Roberts, was also surprised at the win because what her mom does is routine to her. “My baby feels like the things I do, she feels like they're not so special either because she's used to having me being there all of the time."

She said Amber’s skepticism at the news was evident by her repeated chorus of, "My mama! My mama? Out of all of the moms at my school, my mama?” Williams, who returned to Moorhead around 6 years ago after retiring from military active duty, said she has always been active in her daughter’s schools.

Her advice to other parents, “Just  stay active in a child's life, especially when it comes to school and education, be an active  role model, call the teachers. My daughter knows that I’m in contact with her teacher throughout the day.”

She said that’s a good way to curtail surprises. “When I get home some days I already know what she's done and before she can say, ‘Mama I did,’ I say, I already know.” Williams said when the question arises as to how she knows, “I say oh baby, I’ve got your teacher on speed dial.”

She added, “I don't need something to be wrong for me to call, I'm calling, I'm going, I'm checking, so I don't have to have any surprises later or anything.” Williams said if parents are active when nothing's going wrong, then they won't have a problem if something does go wrong. She encourages all parents to work with the teachers.

The district saluted all of the recipients throughout the county.

“Congratulations, and we salute you for your passionate efforts in helping our district grow.”

Williams also expressed her gratitude.

“I thank the school, the school district. It's an honor. I was shocked and I still can't believe it, so I'm just thankful,” said Williams


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