History of 9/11: Cemented forever through bravery


Good Mornin’! Good Mornin’!

Tragic history that shapes our nation must be remembered with all of its horror, all of its sorrow and all of its calamity.

When America was attacked on our own soil, I was sitting in a cubicle and a friend and co-worker said, “A plane just hit the Twin Towers.”

I thought it was a Cessna that had gone off course or something. But the news kept trickling in until the depth of tragedy and attack was clear.

The Towers fell taking heroes, innocent Americans and the terrorists with them. More than 3,000 died and 6,000 more were injured in the three fateful attacks that day.

I’ve read many stories of those who ran toward the chaos and destruction to do whatever they could. One story I hadn’t heard until now was the one of former Army officer who served in Vietnam, Rick Rescorla, who was working as head of corporate security for Morgan Stanley. Rescorla had come to America from the United Kingdom in the 1960s.

That fateful day he defied an order that told him to keep his employees at their desk after the first plane hit.

He got them all out of there.

He also had executed countless hours of training with Morgan Stanley employees to practice emergency drills. Within 16 minutes of the first plane crash, he had 2,700 employees and visitors out and safe.

He kept them calm by singing. God Bless America and songs of his Cornish youth such as Men of Harlech echoed out over a bullhorn in his hand as everyone made their way down the stairs. It was a tactic he also carried out in the Army to help those in his command stay calm.

He called his crying wife whom he told to stop crying.

“I have to get these people out safely. If something should happen to me, I want you to know I’ve never been happier. You made my life.”

He was last seen running up to the 10th floor of the South Tower looking for anyone to rescue. They never found his body. But his service and sacrifice remain a sweet tune over the tragic events.

There are many more stories of those who rushed in and gave their lives in exchange for many more.

The horror of the attack shook our nation to its core but the bravery and selflessness of many Americans cover the terrorist cowardly attack.

When history is told about the terrorists it should always be folded and covered with the sacrifices of Police, Firemen, Military, Clergy, everyday folks and others who did what they could, as long as they could, to save a life until their final breath was taken. In the Yanky72 tragedy, a cadence was created, “Say their names” in order to remember the brave men who fell from the sky that fateful July afternoon. With 9/11 heroes, read their stories and say their names as well. Heroes all have a name.

Rescorla had a Great Western Railway Train named after him in his homeland. Rick Rescorla, a Twin Towers hero on 9/11. Say his name and tell his story.


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