How to live a peaceful life


Several years ago, I saw a billboard beside the interstate that read “No God; No peace”; then the second line read “Know God, Know Peace.” What tremendous sayings these are.

As a born-again Christian I truly understand these statements and find them to be one of the truest sayings that I have ever read. Having faith in the Lord God gives me hope. Trusting in the Lord God gives me confidence.

I recently saw a movie that portrayed a man living in an “angry” world. The problem was that the world was not angry, it was anger he was holding on to from his past. His actions toward his family and his few friends, his workplace environment and his work itself, portrayed a man that had a ton of ability but didn’t use it for positive influences.

This man was an investigative reporter for a magazine and his work proved to be more negative when positive would have been better. He seemed to take good situations and turn them into stories that were critical of his subject and with this type of writing, he created an intolerant following with complaints coming to his supervisor.

The magazine wanted to do a series on people considered to be heroes. This reporter was assigned a children’s program leader to write a short synopsis with a photo to accompany the story. He rejected the idea of this type assignment because he was an investigative type person and he didn’t want to change his image. His boss explained to him that his writings were becoming more and more critical of his subjects and his readership was declining. This was an assignment he didn’t want but had no choice in the matter.

The reporter accepted the assignment with a less than grateful attitude; however, his hero that he interviewed went above and beyond to create a very good lesson for him that many people should adhere to. The reporter, after many hours of working with his subject, came to learn that the people he wrote about weren’t the problem, but it was him who had anger issues with his dad. He was holding on to past problems and not willing to let them go from his life. He would not see that time could heal and change someone for the better. He would not forgive his dad for his past antics and he would not forgive himself for carrying such a burden. Life goes on and what we make of it is how people are going to see us.

We are told in Proverbs 15:1 that “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” It would have been beneficial to read this passage and many others in the Bible for this reporter. He could have seen the love of God was with him and could have saved him from many problems he faced during his time on earth. All of us need to talk with God daily and turn to His Word for guidance in our daily life.

The hero that the young man did the story on read his Bible daily and prayed constantly for those he knew by name. The reporter was so moved by what he had seen and learned from this hero that his life and writings were changed. His story went from being a short synopsis to the cover story of the magazine and received great reviews. He let go of his anger and learned the God given gift of forgiveness and his life seemed to radiate goodness to those around him.

What about you? Are you holding on to something from the past that you need to let go of? Go to God’s Word and receive the blessings of what He has told us to do.

Incidentally, the movie I saw was about “Mr. Rogers” and his neighborhood


They are the perfect definition of a work in progress.

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