Jesus will never leave you


My brother loaned me a book and told me to read it, which I did. It was written by a Vietnam POW and he told of the torture and struggles the POW’s endured and went through while in captivity. It not only told of the pain and punishment the POW’s went through it also told about what his wife and children faced while he was confined.

The story is true and called Tap Code. It was written by retired Colonel Carlyle “Smitty” Harris and Sara W. Berry. As a Vietnam veteran myself I hurt for him at what he endured during eight years of captivity. My year in Southeast Asia seemed like a picnic compared to what the Air Force and Navy pilots, that were shot down and captured, went through as prisoners of war. Don’t get me wrong, my time in Vietnam was anything but fun and I lost many friends and companions who didn’t get to come home.

Communication was the main thing that kept the prisoners in touch with each other and helped them keep their sanity. Smitty taught the other prisoners a tap code because they were not allowed to talk to or see each other for the many years they were held captive. Most were isolated in small cells for years before the Paris Peace Talks began in the ‘70s.

Just as we are told in the story of Job in the Bible, Smitty never let his enemies take away his faith in Jesus Christ. Even through many trials and tribulations he always prayed and talked with the Lord about his situation. He always prayed for his wife and children, who for a long time did not know if he was alive or not.

The tap code allowed prisoners the opportunity of communication and they often sent each other scriptures. Even though there were differences in their religions, there was never any differences of knowing God. There were no atheists within the American POW ranks.

These men knew and believed in Jesus. They talked to Him often and would listen to what He would tell them. All of us in today’s world have that same opportunity of knowing Christ. He will come into your heart and be part of your life if you will ask Him for forgiveness of your sins and accept Him as your one and only true God. Once you do this, Jesus will never leave you.

Not only did the POW’s pray but the wives and families at home did also. Their main source of hope in the release and safety of these men was in Jesus Christ. We should always remember that we are going to face many trials in this sinful world but if we keep our eyes on Jesus, he will bring us through it.

As a Vet I enjoyed this book, many times in tears, and once again I was awakened to the heartaches of war. I am amazed at what these POW’s endured during their time of imprisonment but was not surprised at their bravery, commitment to their families and country, and most of all their faith in Jesus.

Anyone that doesn’t know the saving grace of Jesus I pray that you will call on Him now and pray for his love and guidance.


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