One small step for man


Good Mornin’! Good Mornin’!

Apollo 11 set out to find and step on the moon all the while with less technology getting them there and back than what I use to check my email and play video games on these days.

It was July of 1969 and a three pound can of Crisco was on sale for thirty-nine cents at Sunflower and Neil Armstrong was the commander of the flight followed by Michael Collins who was Command Module Pilot and Buzz Aldrin the Lunar Module Pilot.

These three brave men put their lives in the hands of others leaving on July 16, landed on the moon on July 20, spent less than 24 hours there and splashed back down on July 24.

The prime mission objective was simple. “Perform a manned lunar landing and return.”

That they did.

From there others came and went to the moon, some astronauts tragically died trying to get off the ground and generations of dreamers would follow in their footsteps.

The time and money spent on the flight and mission paid dividends though.

Technology was ramped up and inventions that came about due to it all include infrared ear thermometers, ventricular assist devices, LASIK, artificial limbs, light emitting diodes in medical therapies, invisible braces, scratch-resistant lenses, space blankets, aircraft anti-icing systems, safety grooving on highways, radial tires were improved, firefighting equipment – even baby food was enhanced with the enrichment process discovered. Portable cordless vacuums, freeze drying, water purification, solar cells and tons more items were thought up, created and put to use in space and then in our everyday world. Items that now seem as simple as the technology used to get to the moon. But each one was high-tech and ground breaking for its time. With so many problems in the world today and NASA having been put on the back burner for decades, maybe it’s time to go back in space and have NASA create more things to enrich our own lives.

I wouldn’t mind thirty-nine cent Crisco again.


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