Step Outside: Time to take a look at effective mosquito control


The past week mosquito control has been a hot topic.

But why now?

Why not months ago when temperatures increased and the mosquitoes were coming out for the summer?

The issue is that this time of year it seems like mosquitoes are just as bad during the day time as they are at night.

The reason being is the population builds over the summer and it doesn't help when you have rains like we did over a week ago building more areas for them to lay eggs.

Even though most cities have treatment plans for the city here are some ways for homeowners to help.

Walk around your property and look for anything that might hold water and empty it.

Even bird baths should be emptied at least once a week. Common areas are clogged gutters, wagons, old tires, garbage cans and many more.

Mow tall grass and reduce large brush to reduce the amount of vegetation that is used as a resting site.

Most importantly protect yourself, family and pets by using screens, ensure doors are properly sealed, and use insect repellents when outside during mosquitoes’ active hours.

If you have an outdoor event planned you can use products such as Malathion or Sevin to treat your patio borders.

Foggers that use pyrethroid products have short term effects and must be used frequently. Mosquito eradicators are also available with baits and canisters.

These products such as the Spartan can be placed in the landscape to give proximity control for a time period. Be sure to follow labeled directions.

Regardless of the methods you choose always use the 5 D's to ensure everyone at your home can enjoy the time with one another without swatting these pests.

* Dusk-Dawn- avoid this time when mosquitoes are feeding

* Dress- clothing should be loose fitting and cover most of your skin

* DEET- Use repellants along with clothing when being exposed to mosquitoes

* Drainage- Eliminate excess water for larvae of mosquitoes to survive in


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