Stowers: Bad weather brings out the best


Good Mornin’! Good Mornin’!

Winds were howling, light poles were mangled and property was destroyed across the Delta this past weekend.

Hundreds of linemen came out to do their jobs to bring the lights back on from the cities to the sticks.

The more critical areas were the first focus with hospitals, fire and police stations.

Slowly but surely, the brave men and women put their hard hats on and climbed into danger to bring power back to each and every one.

Their dedication was noticed and rewarded and Delta folks do what they do best to show appreciation.

They started cooking and continue to cook.

Facebook is still lighting up with questions of when and where to take food to these heroes. Soups and cornbread and much more came out in abundance and more and more “food tents” and destinations were set up to show appreciation and keep the lineman heroes warm and fed and ready to bring more folks back online with power.

While writing this, homes and businesses across the storm area are still waiting to get the lights on and get back to normal. Others are having to piece back their lives after tornadic winds splintered a life’s worth of belongings and treasures. But as the Delta does, those fortunate enough to have power honored those who worked round the clock putting poles and wires back together – with a full stomach and ready to tackle more.

It’s how we were raised, it’s what we do.

Tornados and bad weather will always rear its ugly head but so will the generous folks with something to offer those less fortunate and for those heroes that continue to climb and rebuild and bring life back to the light poles.


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