Voices from our future: I know the effects of premature births too well


Editor’s Note: Voices From Our Future is a new column open to any school-age youth in Sunflower County who would like to express themselves and their opinions in The E-T.

What does it mean to be a premature baby or preemie? 

I want to write this article on premature awareness. 

I know all too well what being a preemie is. 

I was born at 2 pounds and I had to have blood transfusion, 24 hours oxygen, feeding every two hours, under-developed lungs, acid reflux, and asthma. 

I was preemie not because my mother used drugs and alcohol, but because my mother developed eclampsia. 

Eclampsia occured when my mother’s blood pressure was extremely high and she told me she had too much protein in her urine. 

I was in the Baptist University for months away from my mother and family.  As time went on I was discharged from the hospital and reconnected with my mother.  The road was not easy but more difficult. 

I had trouble latching on to a bottle to eat, therefore, I was not gaining weight like I should.   My Mom did not starve me but I was skinny for years.  I was way smaller than the average child my age.  Scary huh!!!.

To this day my mother and I are still dealing with issues from my premature birth.  I see a pulmonologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, and a hematologist every month  I was placed on steroids when I was first born to help me gain weight which I just found out has caused me to gain too much weight.  I recently found out I was in the early stages of diabetes.  Wow!!!  Another setback, right.  Wrong!  My Mom told me that we were going to pray and ask God to heal my body and to help give my Mom and me strength to exercise to lose weight!

I chose to write this article because I am a premature child, I have pre-diabetes and I have not allowed my ailments to be an excuse to be lazy, instead I have more than enough motivation.  For all of the people who had doubts I could because of my ailments – just watch!  I have been taught to believe in Jesus Christ who can heal anything.  Turning fear into power.  I am a high jumper and I will always be great.


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