We will survive...as long as we think for ourselves


Good Mornin’! Good Mornin’!

Before the Internet and cable TV and high IQ phones, we had Walter Cronkite who gave us the day’s news and told us solemnly at the end of each broadcast, “And that’s the way it is.”

There was no debate.

There was no arguing.

There was no second guessing.

The professional newsman had the background, training and sense to stay in the middle of issues and simply present them for the rest of the world to make up their own mind.

There was no frenzy. The news of the day wasn’t overblown. It was given and presented for the viewer to digest. And that’s the way it was. Then we could get on with the other things in life. We all miss Uncle Walter and his news sense.

Today, the national news channels have more letters and vowels in their channel homes like an episode of Wheel of Fortune.

The talking heads are just that.

Talking but not really saying much but blather and plenty of not very well-thought-out “news stories.” Looking to be first but never right on a story, today’s national media starves its journalistic foundations in order to beat social media pundits that give no depth or factual evidence for posts much of the time.

The fictional WJM-TV news anchor Ted Baxter and his foot in mouth and low IQ character have actually come to life across our cable news frontier. His “Good night and Good news” sign off would actually make sense on many of these factless news channels.

Factual news outlets have to spend more time re-telling and explaining that it’s really not this but it’s actually that. The days of “that’s the way it is” have left the building much like Elvis.

The national pundits have made news “work” for the rest of us. With only bits and pieces of true information, it’s like a jigsaw puzzle on the Internet where the average Joe has to continually hone his or her search bar terms and weed through the superfluous and extraneous tidbits of stories to actually find the needed information. We all have to be our own, “and that’s the way it is” researchers these days. 

No matter the news of the day, hit your search bar and dig in a little deeper and don’t let the national talking heads give you your only information on any matter. That’s just the way it is these days. Right, Walter?

And as Edward R. Murrow used to say, “goodnight and good luck!”

We’re gonna need it…


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