When you forgive, you love


It wasn’t long ago I heard someone on a movie make the statement “When you forgive, …you love. When you love, God’s light shines all around you.” Doing some research, I found out that this is a quote from Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild

I thought about this statement and I believe it to be true. Forgiving someone brings relief to a situation that may have festered for a long time. Forgiveness can be releasing pent up feelings that have harbored bad thoughts about someone or some incident that happened in your past.

In his book, Krakauer tells of the adventure of a young man that left his well-to-do family in Virginia. Even though he was very well educated he left everything behind and took to living in a life in the wild of Alaska which eventually claimed his life. This being a true story from the early 1990’s no one really understood why the young man did this. Some have speculated a lapse in his mental state, but some have said maybe he was tying to find himself and self-worth.

During his journey the young man met and stayed with an older gentleman for a while. Speaking from wisdom the man spoke the quote to this young man: “When you forgive…you love. When you love, God’s light shines all around you.” I am not sure anyone ever knew why the young man did what he did, but he evidently was unhappy about something in his past that pushed him to the point of life he was at. Maybe something happened that he couldn’t forgive; whether it was himself or someone else.

All of us have situations that bother us. It may be in the present or it may be something from a long time ago. The problem is that we cannot let it go and the thoughts of this situation haunt us until we try to find a solution. Many of us look for answers in different places not knowing where they lie. We go searching in the unknown areas of our life and many times we take our family and close friends with us.

People do care about us and too many times we will not let them close to us because we are too busy hunting our own answers. Many times, we harbor ill will against someone, and they have no idea we feel this way. Most of the time this is when we cannot let go of problems and try to blame someone else for our misery. I firmly believe that communication with each other can solve a lot of our misery and possibly the misery we are causing others. With proper communication and understanding, we can offer forgiveness or receive forgiveness from others.

In the case of the young man running off to Alaska, no one will ever know if he could not forgive some situation, someone, or could not forgive himself. Being an educated person, this young man lived in the wild for many days, weeks, months, and in the movie, I never saw him talk with the Lord. He did understand that everything around him was from God, but I often wonder did he really understand that he was God’s child? A lot of problems man has can be solved if he would take them to the Lord and wait for Him to lead him where he needs to go. God loves all of us and wants us to accept Him as our Lord and Savior.


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