A bike just right for Ellie


My kids don’t ask for a whole lot, well, nothing other than food.

Gosh knows they have enough toys they have inherited from friends and family members, and the others accumulated at Christmas and birthdays. We are very grateful for that system at our house by the way.

We can walk through Walmart on just about any trip, and Ellie (3) and Sarah (18 months) will not point at toys and cry and complain when we don’t put them in the buggy.

I know I did that when I was their age.

This week, however, Ellie happened to spot the bike rack at Walmart, and she fixed her eyes on a brand new pink, white and blue bike. I was not present for this trip, but it was relayed to me that she was emphatic about having that bike.

Seeing how it is spring time, and she really never does ask for toys, I figured, why not?

So on my lunch break on Monday, I went to the house and picked her up and took her to the store.

Callie told me that she knew exactly which bike she wanted and that she would point it out to me when we got there.

Before getting into the car, she insisted on going back inside and getting her baby doll. I didn’t know why she was making such a fuss over the baby doll until we got to the store.

When we got there, she didn’t just point to the first one she saw. She was on a mission, and she knew which one she wanted.

She circled the rack three times before identifying her choice of training wheels.

I pulled it from the rack, and there was a small basket on the back of the bike just for baby dolls.

“Oh, that’s why you brought the doll,” I said.

She replied, “Yes daddy.”

She had to test it out to see if the doll would fit.

I have to admit, I’m not quite that thoughtful or smart when I go shopping for new things.

I grabbed the bike, and she took her doll, and we began to make our way to the front of the store.

“This bike is just right for Ellie,” she said over and over again as we made our way to the self checkout.

The experience reminded me of my first bike. I don’t remember ever having training wheels for some reason, only a Big Wheel my grandfather bought me when I was about Ellie’s age.

I went straight to the two-wheel bike my dad brought home one afternoon.

I was so happy, until I got on it.

I had never cut and scraped myself so many times in my life. We had a large hill behind our house, and one afternoon I thought I could learn better by going down that hill.

I ended up over the handle bars and onto the ground.

I finally did get the hang of it, but I never took to riding a bike like other kids in the neighborhood. I preferred to walk.

When all of our bikes were stolen one afternoon, I didn’t asked my parents to replace mine, and they did not volunteer.

I hope that since Ellie is starting with the three wheels, her experience will be smoother, and she will gain a love for bikes I never did have.

The bike I got 30 years ago might have been a little advanced for my skills, but I think Ellie had this one assessed correctly. This one is just right for her.



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