How many immigrants in U.S.?


Does anyone really know how many illegal aliens are in our country? 

Politicians will tell you that there are “about” 11 million. 

The New York Times will echo this number. 

The Democratic Party tells us that there are a few illegal immigrants in the country, and we should welcome them with open arms. 

They are the ones who make this country great.  In fact, one Democrat went on record to say that we should build welcoming centers all across the country for “immigrants” who are pouring into America.

Every year, over one million illegal immigrants enter into this country.

That is equivalent to five cities the size of Jackson, Mississippi.  And this number is only a guess. 

The actual number of illegal aliens in this country is much higher, closer to 20-25 million.

President Trump wants an accurate counting. 

His administration placed a question into the upcoming census that will answer this question, but a liberal judge struck the question down. 

Unfortunately, the final decision will be made by the Supreme Court, and who knows how long that decision will take?

The President of Mexico has declared that he will assist “migrants” on their way to America.  President Trump thought he had a deal with Mexico, but the Marxist president reneged on his word, and now caravans as large as twenty thousand (20,000) are forming and marching north.

There is no way possible for our Border Patrol, ICE, and other agencies of our government to handle the number of people who are trying to illegally enter the United States.

In the dysfunctional State of California, illegal aliens have started flying the Mexican flag. 

There has been little or no resistance.  Some illegals have stated that they want California and other border states ceded back to Mexico. 

This tells us that we have people already within our borders who have bad intentions.

The illegal aliens can come to this country, rob our businesses, kill our citizens, bring in truck loads of illegal drugs, collect our welfare, and the Democratic Party says that there is no crisis at the border.  Weak kneed politicians of both parties have refused to do anything to correct this growing problem.  Unfortunately, we live in an era where being gutless is a sign of strength. 

This thought is so irrational that it blows my mind.  Where are the Davy Crockets, the George Washingtons, the Audie Murphys, the George Pattons, the Andrew Jacksons of this generation?

Other than President Donald J. Trump, we simply don’t have them.

President Trump has stated publically that this country is being invaded, and he is absolutely correct. 

The strategy is simple, yet effective.  Flood enough people into a country, and soon, the culture is changed. 

The history is re-written.  The economic system collapses, and because of the pain caused by such a collapse, the people turn to anyone who claims that he or she can correct the problem. 

There is only one catch.  To correct the problem, the new leader must have unlimited powers.  At that instance, America as we have known it comes to an end. 

We are the new Guatemala, the new Venezuela, the new third world country on a map of total misery.

President Trump is threatening to close the border - and he should. 

He should close it for a long time.  Already, the Washington Post and the New York Times are demanding that the border remain open because “untold economic damage will be done.” 

Of course, this is all “hot air” designed to make President Trump look bad. 

I am a simple man with a simple question.  Do we maintain our country as founded and enforce our laws, or do we allow unrestricted illegal immigration to continue? 

The answer to that question will determine if we remain a sovereign nation as founded or will we go the way of the Romans. 

With only one courageous man fighting for this country, we may be in deep trouble.

The weak ones we have elected are standing on the sidelines.


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