Patterson: America needed a Dirty Harry


When asked to compare George H. W. Bush with Donald Trump, Dr. Bill Bennett, the Secretary of Education under Bush ‘41 replied, “The world is an ever changing place so sometimes you need a Mother Theresa and sometimes you need a Dirty Harry.”

When Donald Trump began his campaign to become President, most of us who recognized that the country was in deep trouble felt that he just might be the “Dirty Harry” that we needed. 

Americans of all walks of life knew that if Hillary Clinton were elected, the United States would continue its slide toward globalism, immigration would go unchecked, and our country would continue its participation in trade deals that harmed the American working man and woman. 

Hillary was, and is, a corrupt Democrat Socialist whose intentions were to continue the disastrous path that Barack Obama had set. 

Most thinking Americans knew that if Hillary were elected, by the time she left office, America would be so far down the road to socialism and globalism that it would be impossible to retreat.

Then came Trump.  Trump is not an ideologue.  He is neither liberal or conservative. 

He may not even separate these two terms in his mind. 

He is a “problem solver.” 

That is what he does. 

Coupled with a deep love for this country, being a “problem solver” is not a bad combination. 

He recognized immediately that Washington, D. C., was corrupt.  Everything in Washington is corrupt from many elected officials to the press to the greedy lobbyists who populate K Street.  Soon at every rally was the chant, “Drain the Swamp.”  But to make “America Great Again,” Trump recognized that changes had to be made - critical changes.

How many of you have worked in an organization where a new CEO was brought in run the company? 

The new CEO had a new way of thinking, and soon, changes in the organization’s structure began to be implemented. 

People who could not change or people who were opposed to what the new CEO wanted were fired or offered retirement packages to leave.  When President Trump, the new CEO, took over, the “deep state” went into overdrive.

 As a matter of fact, even while Trump was campaigning, the FBI launched secret investigations of his campaign. Six operatives attempted to infiltrate the Trump Campaign in order to plant the story of “Russian Collusion.”

There has never been any “Russian Collusion,” yet 42 percent of the American public thinks that Trump got illicit help from the Russians. 

James Comey, the incompetent and corrupt director of the FBI, knew that there was no “collusion,” but signed a FISA warrant based on a dossier that Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party had bought and paid for.  

In his testimony last Friday, he admitted that the FBI never verified the dossier, yet, the corrupt officials in the FBI and the Justice Department requested and received a FISA warrant to spy on Trump and his campaign.

Now we are in the midst of a “Special Counsel” investigation that knew at the outset that there was no “Russian Collusion.” 

But the corrupt Robert Mueller, sanctioned by Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, has been on a witch hunt ever since.

The “deep state” cannot get over the fact that Trump beat their girl in a fair and honest national election. 

They understood that if Trump were elected, their gross corruption would be exposed, and many of them would have legal problems. 

Comey wanted Hillary because he knew if she were elected, his job would be safe, and he could continue to cover up all of the corruption committed by Democrats including the dubious actions relating to Barack Obama - especially the cash payments flown to Iran in the dead of night. 

The “deep state” is now using the terms “unindicted co-conspirator,” and “impeachable offenses” to smear Trump and disrupt his agenda to save America.

 If this latest tactic works, we can kiss America as we have known it goodbye. 

The corrupt Democrat Socialists like Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and that great California communist, Adam Schiff, will turn this great nation into Venezuela, Cuba or the former U. S. S. R. 

Average Americans will become slaves to the system they impose, and our constitutional rights will be stripped away through a corrupt court system. 

All that stands between this unpleasant realization is Donald Trump.

If the “deep state” drives him from office, we have lost the country as founded, and, for what its worth, you can take that to the bank.


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