Some wanted Trump gone


Since the Mueller Report was published, the radical leftist in this country have become psychotic. 

Many need immediate psychiatric intervention, and the media may be on the brink of self immolation. 

Most normal people are happy that there was no “collusion” or no obstruction cited in the report. 

Those of us who followed the evidence closely knew months ago that these charges were false. 

In fact, Mueller knew almost immediately after he was appointed special counsel that there was no collusion on President Trump’s part or on any of the people in his campaign. 

The reports coming out of Washington indicate that Mueller asked James Comey, the fired FBI Director, for the file on Trump and collusion. 

Other than the Steele Dossier, the file was empty.

How close were the American people to losing their government? 

Very close! 

The Justice Department and the FBI under the Obama Administration worked to see to it that Donald Trump would never be president.

They went so far as to attempt to insert spies into the Trump Campaign.

But once he won the election over Hillary Clinton, Trump had to be taken out - removed from office, frog marched to the nearest federal prison. 

We now know that James Comey committed crimes when he took it upon himself to share FBI materials with a “close friend” to distribute to the New York Times. 

We know that the Steele Dossier was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and her merry band of lawbreakers.

People within the Justice Department and FBI committed crimes in order to get Trump drummed from office. 

We have the documents. 

Congress has the documents. 

The Democrats are aware of the documents, and they must fight now as hard as they ever have just to survive.  In retrospect, we now know that a coup was organized against President Trump, and it almost succeeded.

Attorney General Bill Barr is on the case, and this does not make for good sleep to the deranged Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler, both Democrats who see that they have a lot to lose. 

Bill Barr, to quote a CNN favorite, may have the “walls closing in on these two.” 

Then there is Elijah Cummings (D-Ga.).

His committee has subpoenaed Trump’s tax records. 

He believes that “high crimes and misdemeanors” have been committed and that the records will magically give him the answers he has long sought.  But he must remember this. 

The IRS has viewed Trump’s records with a fine-toothed comb. The best CPAs at the IRS have meticulously gone through every return, and if the President owed money or if he took a deduction that was not authorized, he had to pay. 

But Cummings marches on making a total fool of himself and harassing America’s president.

If you have ever watched a Trump rally, you have heard the crowd chant, “Lock her up.” 

Of course, they are calling for Hillary to be put in cuffs and marched off to the nearest federal prison. 

Well, maybe, just maybe there is still a chance. 

She and her partner in crime, Bill, took $145 million to make sure that 20 percent of America’s uranium supply was sold to Russia. 

This is still under investigation - especially since she was the Secretary of State when the money was delivered.  Pay for play?  Folks, this could be the  crime of the century.

The Democrats must do everything possible against this President to prevent some of their corrupt buddies from going to the “big house.”

If you question whether or not I may have overstated the fact that the Democrats are in need of immediate psychiatric help, let me refer you to Maureen Dowd”s column in the New York Times. 

I have known for years that this woman was mentally unstable, but if you read her column of April 21, you will have no doubt. 

Naturally, she hates Trump and everything he stands for. 

She cannot get over the fact that Trump was not charged with a crime, something I’m sure she prayed for every night. 

She writes, “The First Narcissist’s all-consuming blend of braggadocio and insecurity has turned institutions into a dystopian outpost of his id.” 

Really, Maureen? 

Aren’t you the same egomaniac who told Obama he had big ears? 

How did that work out? 

Your Medicare will pay for psychiatric treatment. Use it!


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