Time to clean up Indianola


There are a lot of reasons to believe in the power of advertising.

We just got done with one of the biggest annual advertising events in the world this past Sunday in the Super Bowl.

Last year’s commercials, bleh.

This year, there were a lot more winners, and as always, there were some losers.

Ads work. It doesn’t matter if you pay $1 million per ten seconds to Fox for the big game or if you place an ad in the local newspaper.

There’s one ad campaign that started in The E-T back in January that has begun to work on me.

I believed in the concept of Slam Dunk the Junk the minute I heard about it.

If you haven’t heard, Slam Dunk the Junk is a new initiative aimed at curbing litter and cleaning up Indianola’s streets.

Who’s not for that?

But until the ads started running, I never really took a hard look at the streets I drive, stroll and jog down each week.

I was out for a jog last Monday evening, and I started to look for trash, just for the heck of it.

Boy, did I find a lot of garbage.

After my run, I vowed that I would return to my block later and pick up some of the discarded mess. On Sunday evening, my 4-year-old Ellie and I took the stroller, some gloves and a common garbage bag around the Heathman Avenue area. We covered about a quarter of a mile total and filled the bag completely up.

It’s easy to see how Indianola got into the “mess” that it’s in when it comes to litter.

It’s as easy to miss the trash on the street and in the grassy areas as it is to toss it out of the windows of moving vehicles.

I’m as guilty of overlooking it all as anyone else.

Thanks to Slam Dunk the Junk, I’m now aware of it, and I don’t have an excuse anymore.

I’m on a mission to keep my small stretch of neighborhood clean, and I am going to monitor the area in front of my business on Main Street.

We’re not going to get 100% of the town to stop throwing trash out windows. We’re not going to get near that in volunteers when it comes to cleaning that garbage, but if we get just a few out of each neighborhood, and employ the old 80/20 rule, we can keep Indianola clean.

The great thing about this initiative is that one doesn’t have to belong to any club to participate. There’s no pledge or signature required. There are no mandatory meetings.

Just take one of your kitchen garbage bags, gloves (recommended) and about 30 minutes out of your week and make sure that your yard and your stretch of street is free from tossed gin bottles, beer cans, fast food bags and other refuse.

This is a rock bottom low investment of money and time that will have a big payoff for our town.

We’re a month away from March Madness, but it’s never too early to Slam Dunk the Junk.


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