Letter: Delta Missions truly an asset to our community

Dear editor,

This is an exciting time for Delta Missions as we are back for our Fall/Winter session. We thank God for the safe return of our director, Rev. Herron Wilson. Rev. Wilson is definitely on a mission – he has worked with three units across the years with great success along with pastoring two churches. Thank God for the wonderful blessings he has bestowed upon us for letting him have a safe return.

We were glad to see our kitchen staff. They do such a wonderful job with our seniors. We would like to thank one of our volunteers, Ryan Parsons. He’s a student at Princeton University studying for his PhD, yet he finds time in his busy schedule to come out to Delta Missions to volunteer his services and contribute. Everybody here loves Ryan – he’s so respectful and humble.

On behalf of Delta Missions we would like to thank each and every one that makes this all possible: churches; grocery stores; organizations; and individuals. You are the ones that make the wheel turn. Happy Thanksgiving!

Annie Butcher


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