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Dear Editor,

   Migrant children are seeking refuge in the United States and as a result, they are being detained, as they are considered illegal aliens. It is estimated that more than 13,000 migrant children are being held at approximately 100 shelters across the country. This dilemma has caused numerous problems because these unaccompanied minors require care beyond that of which the Trump Administration is willing to allocate funding. These minors certainly need food and shelter, but more importantly they require medical and mental health assistance. Additionally, it is equally important to address education, legal aid, morale, welfare and recreation.

I believe that these children should receive as much assistance as possible, until there is a resolution to this escalating problem. We must continue to offer all resources, which were legally mandated by the Flores Settlement in 1997, and we must show the Trump Administration that we are staunch supporters of the necessity to offer basic welfare rights to all children. Additionally, it is our responsibility to use every resource available including our time and effort to improve our communities, regardless of the origin of the people.

I would propose reducing the time that each child has to spend in custody. This key factor could reduce the funding associated with the overall care of each child. Also, the vetting process for each sponsor should be streamlined to expedite releasing these children to responsible adults. Establish a follow-up program, so that the sponsors play an integral part in education, recreation and their orientation into a new way of living. Finally, we must make good citizenship an educational endeavor for these children. They must be nurtured and taught to become great contributors to their communities, so that they may be viewed as future contributors and leaders throughout the country.

Jacqueline Thomas


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