Left may end up enemy of the common man


The New Year has begun, and as far into the future as I can see, the United States has problems. Most of these problems are caused by self-inflicted wounds. 

The radical left in this country continues to elect individuals like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to office, and if you look closely at their political philosophy, you will soon determine that these individuals owe no loyalty to the Constitution of the United States - a document they have sworn to defend. 

In fact, their every waking hour is spent attempting to invent ways to make life miserable for the middle class. 

They love regulations, higher taxes and restricted freedoms. 

They, also, have  exalted opinions of themselves.

Take Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) who was last seen on the national stage telling men to “sit down and shut up.”

She, also, said, “Democrats are just too darned smart for voters.” 

She went on to say,  “Democrats (are) struggling to connect with the voters because, well, the Democrats were just too smart and knowledgeable, and it is really tough to lower oneself to the same level of the common man.  They just don’t get it!  Why? Why, they’re stupid, y’all!”

Does it seem rational for a politician to talk like this? 

Even if they thought it, most politicians would never say it because they want to be perceived as a “friend to the common man.” 

Hirono is engaging is what used to be labeled “improper political speech,” but perhaps she has reached a higher plain than most of us, so unloading her inner-most thoughts are not a problem to someone with a superior mind.

But let’s look at another superior mind, the mind of “Crying” Chuck Schumer. 

He and his band of leftist Democrats have shut down the government because they want thousands of illegal immigrants to flood the border so that one day soon, they can become Democrat voters. 

Chuck thinks he is playing the long game, and he is playing it against Donald J. Trump who is, in Chuck’s mind, a total idiot. 

“Shut the government down long enough and we, the Democrats, will get what we want.” 

Does Chuck realize that nearly 800,000 voters are without a paycheck, and these voters are overwhelmingly Democrat. 

My advice to “Crying” Chuck is to keep doing what he is doing.  There will be no pressure from these folks - none. 

They may not be able to purchase food, but they will surely embarrass Donald Trump, and that’s the important thing.  Shutting the government down over $5 billion is smart, Chuck.  I wish the Republicans had thought of this.

I was talking to a friend the other day, and he said something that I thought was profound. 

“Even the clinically insane will soon become intolerant of insanity,” he said. 

“What do you mean?” I asked. 

“Take a look at the “yellow vests” movement in France,” he said. 

He went on to explain that by and large, the French are a good people.  They are not warriors, as we know from two World Wars, but they have a rich culture and a rich history. 

But after the great war, they turned to socialism, and later, they joined the European Union. 

Their leaders, he explained, are globalists, and they think national boundaries are obsolete.  This is an insane idea, but that’s what they think.  But recently, their President, a young elitist named Emmanuel Macron, a man very much in tune with America’s Democrat Party, and a man who is devoted to the absurd notion that the climate is warming, imposed a 20 percent increase on the price of diesel. 

You see, fossil fuels are killing the planet. 

Macron, being an elitist, thought that he would be universally loved by the “stupid” common man, but the great “unwashed” recognized immediately that this was insanity.

Up to this point, they had tolerated the insanity of their politicians.  Now they are in the streets, and the increase in the price of diesel fuel has been rescinded. 

The great philosopher and Hawaiian tourist Nancy Pelosi is at this moment creating a committee in the House to study “Climate Change.” 

When one studies something that is not happening, what do you call that?

 I call it insanity. 

We may see the “yellow vests” sooner than I thought. 

Folks, this is going to be a great and interesting year.




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