Friday's Take: It's been quite a year


It’s hard to believe it’s been a year and two months since the Davis family moved from Tuscaloosa to Indianola.

When we first arrived here last August, there were only three of us, including my wife, Callie and daughter Ellie.

Baby Sarah was scheduled to join us about month later.

I’ve moved my wife about six times in seven years. I’ve moved her twice while she was nine months pregnant.

She always gets the last laugh, because she plays piano, and she has this rather large and heavy piano that I have had to help move five out of those six times.

Anyway, Sarah did arrive as scheduled, and she has been a blessing in her short life.

She’s an extrovert, as opposed to her older sister, who would prefer not to talk to anyone if she can help it.

Sarah is always smiling, and she’s about to take her first steps any day.

Recently, we celebrated her first birthday. It’s actually on September 14.

Things have been such a whirlwind in my business life, I had lost track of time and some of the things I have done over the past few weeks.

Thumbing through my pictures on my camera recently, I realized I took a great number of pictures at her birthday party.

I don’t remember doing that, but apparently I did.

And I’m happy I did so. She will never be 1 again, and when she starts walking, time will start flying by even faster.

Sometimes you have to put the work down for a little while to pay attention or else we’ll miss the most important things. And those are things you can’t get back.

Enjoy the picture of Ellie and Sarah digging into the smash cake.



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