Pages From The Past: Update on Drew Hanson and Stevie Little



APRIL 1920

LOCAL NEWS: Miss Wilma Wallace, sister of Mrs. George Keys has accepted a position with Mr. W. R. French.

SCHOOL NEWS: Professor S. P. Walker of Pascagoula has been employed by the Board of Trustees to take charge of the Indianola High School for the coming year.

EDITORIAL NOTE BY J. A. RICHARDSON: There were no lambs on the calendar this year for March. She came in and went out like a disagreeable lion.

CLUB NEWS: The Indianola High School Literacy Club will present “Breach of Promise” with Ruth Davis as the plaintiff and Jack Stainback as the defendant.


APRIL 1970

Chief of Police Bill Hollowell said that Sam Polizza was killed when struck by a car on Highway 82; He said that Polizzi was on his usual walk to Saturday Mass at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. Father Patrick Curley will officiate at his funeral mass.

SOCIETY PAGE: Mr. D. Colotta was honored with a supper party given by Mrs. M. W. Swartz and Mrs. Jessie Lee on his 82nd birthday.


APRIL 1995

Tyrone Washington, 6’ 10” senior basketball player from Gentry High School has been named to Parade magazine’s All-American team as one of the 40 best high school players in America.

INVERNESS NEWS BY MRS. ROBERT WARREN: The Inverness Homemakers Club met in the home of Marie Gholston. Linda Prater gave the devotional; Dimple Anderson presented the treasurer’s report. Attending were Dimple Anderson, Lucille Bibb, Kathleen Kemp, Linda Prater, Grace Sheffield, Sarah Frances Trippe and Louise Warren.

IA SPORTS: The IA boys and girls track teams are looking for a better season this year. Coach Davis said that Will Jennings will run the 100-yard dash and Justin Casano will take on the 200-meter dash. Others will be Felder David in the grueling 1200-meter run and Evan Pugh will try the 300-meter hurdles. On the girls side seniors competing will be Carrie Sanders, Kelly Nobile and Ginger Duease.

CARVER ELEMENTARY NEWS: Precious Davis, 3rd grader at Carver will portray a turtle in the school’s play, an African folk tale, “Why Spiders Live on the Ceiling.”



“Ride ‘em Cowboy” is almost every little boy’s dream to become a cowboy. Drew Hanson, 15, is already making that dream come true. He is a bull rider in rodeo shows. His mentor is Stevie Little, a bull riding afficionado. UPDATE ON DREW HANSON AND STEVIE LITTLE

Drew and Stevie are far from being bull riders in rodeos these days.

Drew said he gave up bull riding after his graduation from the University of Mississippi and went into law enforcement.

“I worked for the Hattiesburg Police Department and then later was accepted as a federal agent with the U. S. Immigration and Customs Agency, better known as ICE. We are under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. We are responsible for immigration and customs enforcement,” Hanson said,

Stevie was working for Holly Ridge Planting Company when he left the Delta. He moved to Texas where his knowledge and expertise in farm equipment was quickly noticed.

After successfully working in that industry, he was offered a position with Case Construction as service manager.

“I was so blessed that they liked my work and offered the position of overall manager at their sites in Wichita and Garden City, Kansas.  He still owns his home in Vinton, Texas and has an apartment in Wichita. “They tell me that I am the only black American who holds the position I do for this type of business in America. I don’t know about that because my job keeps me too busy to look into that,” he said.


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