In all thy getting, get understanding


Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore, get wisdom and in all thy getting, get understanding (Proverbs 4:7)! I often hear individuals quoting parts of the Bible without the proper understanding, to fit what they are currently teaching or conversing about.

One scripture that has been misunderstood for years is the scripture where Job speaks out of his emotions due to his circumstances at that time. He says the famous lines, “God gives and He takes away."

I am sure you have heard this before. This is located in Job 1:21. This has been repeated with an incorrect understanding attached to it that God is a God that will bless you and then take your blessings away. Even though this is what Job meant when he said this, he was in an emotional state from suffering loss, which was taken from him by the devil.

The devil was testing Job to see if he would forsake God, but just as God already knew, Job proved God right and remained faithful and all that Job lost was restored unto him.

I have mostly heard this part of scripture at funerals as if God would bless someone with life and then take life away.

That is not the nature of God.

Many people can't understand why a certain thing happens, so they find an easier explanation in saying, "God gives and God takes away.

God loves you and He would never give you something and then take it away.

This is where wisdom and understanding has to come into play. When you have wisdom and understanding, you prepare yourself to receive revelation knowledge of the word and your personal circumstances.

I encourage you to study the word to get wisdom in order to gain a foundational understanding as to why, when, and where something is happening in the Bible and who it is pertaining to.

If you do this, you will share truth and understanding. God bless you!



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