God is capable


I was rereading John 11 this morning. For those who have not read it, Lazarus (Martha and Mary’s brother) had been dead for four days.

Martha received word that Jesus was coming to town, and she went to meet Him.

She didn’t wait on Jesus to come to her. (Catch That- Desperate times call for desperate measures.)

I always put myself in their shoes when I’m reading the Bible. 

When Martha met Jesus, I imagine she had a little attitude. She said (with her hands on her hip) , “If you had not taken so long to come to town, my brother would’ve been alive.” Then she adds, “But since you are here, EVEN NOW God will give you whatever you ask.”

Stay with me....

Jesus said calmly, “Your brother will rise again

(and probably thinking, “Lady, calm down.”)

Then Martha insults Jesus and says sarcastically, “Yes, he will rise again when everyone else rises, on the last day.”

So, I’m thinking Jesus wanted to prove a point, thinking “Lady, you must not know who I am?”

Long story short, Jesus went to the house of Mary and Martha and commanded Lazarus to come out of death and HE CAME OUT!!!

Before Jesus commanded Lazarus to come out of death, He asked Mary and Martha, “Didn’t I tell you that you would see God’s Glory IF YOU would believe?”

Here’s where I am going with this...

There are some situations in our lives that have been dead for a long time. And truth be told, we’ve become angry with God and have thought, “If God had answered my prayers EARLIER, I would not be in this situation.”

So we’ve  given up...on our marriages...on our kids...on that promotion...on that business venture...

But God is saying that it doesn’t matter how long things have APPEARED dead, He can still breathe life into them, IF ONLY we would believe!

Listen, there isn’t anything too hard for God. It isn’t God who isn’t able to move; it is our lack of belief that is preventing Him from moving! So my question (to you and myself), “Do you really believe that God is able to do it?”

Let this encourage you!

"There is not an elevator to success; you have to take the stairs."- Author Unknown 


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