If you have to force it, it may not be a fit


I saw the "baddest" Jessica Simpson pump in Macy's yesterday.

I thought, "I’ve got to have them." As the associate approached me, she asked, "Can I get a size for you?" I said, "Yes, 6 1/2 please."Shortly after she came out with two boxes. She said, "We didn't have the 6 1/2, but we do have a 6 and 7. I then asked her to check online for the 6 1/2.

As she checked, I tried the 7 first. It was toooooo big. Then I tried the 6. It took a while to get them on, but after FORCING them for a while, I got them on. Of course, they were tight, but they looked soooooo "good" on my feet. I walked in them, looked in the mirror, and a customer who was sitting said, "Those look nice on your feet." I thanked her but that still did not change the fact that they were tight and very uncomfortable. I thought, "I'll break them in."

I waved for the associate. She returned and informed me that they didn't have that 6 1/2 online either. *Sigh*

I told her, "I'll get the 6."

I paid for them and headed out of the store. By the time I reached my car, something forced me to return them. I'm pretty sure it was the 100+ bucks I had just spent on those shoes that I probably wouldn't be able to keep on for more than 15 minutes.

My point? Sometimes we can want something so bad that we disregard all the SIGNS that it isn't for us. Instead of accepting the fact that it's not for us, we'd rather live "tight and uncomfortably.”

Like my marriage- It was a "good look", but it was forced and uncomfortable. I stayed because it looked "good" to others, because it sounded "good" to say "My Husband", and because it looked "good" on social media.

Just because it looks "good" doesn't mean it's "good" for us. If you have to FORCE it- like I did that size 6- then that's a clear sign that it may not be for you.

What is it that you're forcing that needs to be "returned"? You've gotten all the signs that this isn't for you, but because it's a "good look" to you and others have told you it looks "good" on you, you want it, even when you know without a doubt that it isn't for you. It could be a job, it could be a business move, it could be a relationship, or it could be a friendship.

Whatever it is, RETURN IT. What's for you will be the perfect FIT!


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