Step Outside: Fall decor


This week marks the start off fall and with our summer being so hot and dry for the latter part most of our summer landscapes look pretty worn.

Even though the temperatures don't resemble fall, we still have some time before adding fall annuals to the landscape.

During this transition time we have a wonderful option called the Chrysanthemum, or mum for short.

There are many different colors available that will allow any homeowner to follow a color scheme. Mums can be placed in the ground during this time of year or left in their containers and placed in decorative pots. Keep the following recommendations in mind when adding mums this year:

*         Purchase mums that are uniform and disease and insect free

*         Choose mums that have the majority of the flower buds that haven't opened

*         Place mums in locations that get the fullest sun.

*         Keep the soil consistently moist, not WET, or the flower show will stop

*        Avoid watering the mums through the canopy

When you choose mums that are only beginning to bloom you are lengthening the time that you will have that plant as decoration.

The ones purchased in full bloom will look great for a short period. Remember just as the cooler weather brings you happiness; think about how much joy a splash of color would bring everyone around your home.


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