Big changes coming for Great Britain


A group of friends and I were discussing a thorny political issue when one of my buddies turned to me and asked what I thought. 

I unloaded.  I did not like the issue we were discussing, and furthermore, I thought that if this issue ever became law that the Supreme Court would declare it unconstitutional. 

When I finished, one of my friends quipped, “Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?”

Ambassador Kim Darroch, the British top ambassador to the United States is out of a job, and for good reason. 

He told Theresa May and whoever else that would listen what his true feelings were about President Trump.

If you have been following the news, you already know that Darroch wrote that “Trump is inept and is uniquely dysfunctional and his career could end in disgrace.”

Now anyone who knows “Sir Kim” knows that he is a pompous man who thinks that his world view should be accepted by everyone -including President Trump. 

His writings were leaked much to the embarrassment of the British government and the inept and incompetent, Theresa May. 

She had wined and dined the Trumps only two weeks earlier proclaiming that the “special relationship between England and America had been made stronger.” 

She smiled in front of our duly elected President and behind his back plotted to make him irrelevant to the Europeans.  Trump had offered some advice on how to break away from the European Union, and she ignored it.

She had no intention of shedding this albatross around England’s neck, and she thought that she could play for time and keep England in the EU. 

Well, it cost her the Prime Minister’s job.  What a two-faced elitist who thinks more about what Europe thinks than what her own people voted to do.

While “The Donald” and Melania were in England, she read every note that Sir Darroch wrote. 

In her mind, she believed every word. 

To her, Trump was worse than inept. 

He was an idiot, too dumb to even discuss foreign affairs with her.  She was convinced that she and Sir Kim had the high ground.  But she failed to understand “The Donald.”.

You know that the American President is doing something right when all of Europe hates him. 

President Trump’s first act in office was to tell these freeloaders that they were going to pay their fair share for their own defense.  Gone were the days when the United States picked up the tab for Europe’s defense. 

Now Europe, instead of spending inordinate sums of money on welfare, had to make payments to NATO, payments that they had all agreed to make.  President Trump made it clear that he would abandon NATO if every country didn’t pay what it had agreed to pay. 

Most of the NATO countries are wealthy, so paying more was no problem. 

But if the dumb USA wanted to keep defending Europe at its own expense, this just meant more money that corrupt politicians could skim from the government. 

If someone wrecks your playhouse and takes your money, you are probably not going to like it.  Thus the hatred for President Trump.

Remember that Theressa May and Sir Kim Darroch are “one world government types” who have a vested interest in the world trade system. 

This is like showing a red flag to a bull.  Nothing is more important to elitists than the world trade system, and President Trump is shaking it up.  As he has said many times, “I’m the President of the United States of America -not the world.”

The foolish leaders in Europe think that the rich United States should defend them and make trade deals that favor them, deals that are not in the interest of the United States.  Those days are over.                

They are over just like Sir Kim Darroch’s job is over.

He came up against “The Donald” and was slapped down like a small child. 

But he did manage to damage the relationship between the U.S. and Britain. It is more important for the Brits to get along with Trump than Trump to get along with the Brits. 

They understand this. 

Big changes will be underway as soon as a new Prime Minister is selected.


They have now picked up two consecutive first District 2-3A victories.


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