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Editor’s Note: Voices From Our Future is a new column open to any school-age youth in Sunflower County who would like to express themselves and their opinions in The E-T.

The Beta Club promotes and recognizes those who achieve academically.  It prepares young people for life and helps them to be successful.  It builds leadership helping young people to be leaders of tomorrow and it believes in leading when serving others.  And I am a member of it!

Many of you may not even know that Merritt Middle School has a Beta Club, or even understand that there are students who are members of it.  So I decided to let you know – it exists!  It may not seem to be as important as other school activities like the band, football, cheerleading, choir or track because you do not hear of it much but it is great.

I became a member because it will give me an opportunity to meet new people from all over especially at the national meetings.  I have a chance to interact with other members and share accomplishments.  I also have a chance to be with other students who plan to be leaders and this is what our schools, cities, and state needs – leaders, leaders who care.  Another part of the Beta Club is services.  We volunteer in the community with special projects.  It is so important to give of yourself. The Betas believes that it doesn’t matter how smart you are or how many awards you win to get to the top, it is your character that keeps you there!

I am a Beta, a Young Stepper, and a Girl Scout!!  All fantastic young people!


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