Voices from our future: Say no to vaping


Nothing is more important than our body.  It is a temple and we are supposed to take care of it. 

Vaping is harmful to our temple.  So the big question is if someone vapes are they more than likely to use other tobacco products? 

The answer is more than likely, YES! 

Research shows that you are prone to start smoking cigarettes if you vape.

Exposing your brain to nicotine as a teen makes you want to start using tobacco products. 

That’s because nicotine can rewrite your brain to crave more of it.  Even if you don’t start smoking vaping can expose your lungs to toxic metal particles and other chemicals that may cause cancer. 

Low doses of vaping open the doors to body reactions: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, eye irritation. 

High doses may cause high blood pressure, seizures, coma, and even death. 

Do you know how many parts of the body take part in vomiting?  

The esophagus, pharynx muscles, stomach, and you feel tired.  When we do harmful things with our body that it was not prepared to take it does not sit silently, it lets us know. 

It reacts in a way that says “please don’t do this to me, you are killing me!”  All we need do is listen and pay attention. 

Remember we cannot replace what we have, keep it safe and clean. 

VAPING kills!


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